Hello everyone, I am so blessed to serve the parish of St. Thomas in preaching and presiding for services as needed in the new shared ministry model.    Some of you may know me from deanery events, synods or the times I visited your parish to preside just prior to your rector Rev Jonathan's arrival.  I wanted you to know a bit about me as I come and offer myself in service as a diocesan lay reader in this ministry.  

I am a cradle Anglican raised in Toronto and I attended church throughout my childhood and teens and I was active in the choir, as a server and in the youth group. One of the most formative experiences I had as a young Anglican was attending Camp Artaban every summer from age 8-16.  It was a camp sponsored by St. Thomas Anglican Church in Toronto and it was there I became very committed to my faith at a young age.  After graduating from university in psychology, counselling and education, I moved out west to Saskatchewan where I was a teacher and counsellor.  I raised my family in the farm community of Kenaston, Sk and attended  St. Columba's Midlakes parish.  When my children were in their late teens I began seminary studies with the encouragement of my parish.  I graduated from seminary in 2000 with my M.Div. was offered a ministry position as pastor of a Emerson Baptist Church.  I was ordained in that tradition in 2002.  I continued in ministry in Emerson and Calgary until I moved to Thunder Bay in 2010 to be close to my daughter and her family.  I felt very strongly I was to return to the Anglican church and began attending St. Paul's while working as a full time mental health therapist.  I have been active in many activities at St. Paul's: leading the Ambassador's Praise Band, as an advisory board member, synod delegate and various ministry activities as a diocesan lay reader.  I also have preached in a variety of churches in the Thunder Bay area including Presbyterian, United and Free Methodist as well as preaching at St Mark's, St. James', and St. John's in Schreiber.  I am presently going through discernment for postulancy with the Anglican Church in consultation with Archbishop Anne and the Postulancy commission in the diocese.  I look forward to getting to know you better and thank you for the opportunity to share worship and the word with you. 


Ann Camber