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Join Pastor Jonathan and Deanna for a new series on the Character of God.

Each week will feature a discussion of one of the character traits of God found in Exodus 34:6.  


A teaching video from The Bible Project along with a scripture reading and discussion questions will be posted on Facebook and emailed out to the Parish email list each Sunday in preparation for the following Thursday fireside chat.


 The conversations between Pastor Jonathan and Deanna will be posted and emailed weekly on Thursday evening for six weeks beginning on June 3.

Letter from Archbishop Anne Germond

Letter from Pastor Jonathan

As of April 1, 2021 Pastor Jonathan will be sharing his time with St. Thomas & The Parishes of West Thunder Bay. 

Following is the Shared Ministry Schedule

Weekday Schedule

Monday-                     Pastor Jonathan’s day off 

Tuesday-                     West Thunder Bay

Wednesday-               St. Thomas

Thursday-                   West Thunder Bay 

Friday-                         St. Thomas

Saturday-                    Available where needed

Sunday Schedule

1st & 3rd Sunday-      Parish of West Thunder Bay 

2nd & 4th Sunday-     St. Thomas 

5th Sunday-                St Thomas @ 9am  

                                    West Thunder Bay @ 11am