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Church Groups

Altar Guild

St. Thomas’ Altar Guild currently has a small group of dedicated members. Members prepare the sanctuary, altar etc. for weekly services, as well as baptisms, weddings and funerals. 

Funds donated are used towards the purchase of the wine and wafers for communion services, flowers for the Altar on Sundays (when none have been donated), Christmas poinsettias and Easter lilies, liquid wax for the candles, candles, palm crosses and other items as needed.  Donations to the Altar Guild memorial fund are used to purchase larger items such as altar linens, candelabra, etc.


The music ministry is a major part of St Thomas’ as all of our “joyful noise” is for the glory and praise of God the Father.

Every Thursday at 7:00pm a group of dedicated individuals of varying ages come together to prepare their musical offering for Sunday services. The choir incorporates a variety of both contemporary music and traditional hymns as well as special offering through Lent and Advent. The ability to read music is optional; however, the willingness to make a joyful noise to the Lord is essential. We welcome and encourage everyone to join. Please speak with our Choir director for details.

Community-based Groups

Throughout the week the Church is home to community-based groups such as the Boy Scouts of Canada, and TOPS. Providing a meeting place for the Westfort community is important to the parish.

Men’s Group

St Thomas’  hosts a Men’s Group every Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. On average 8-10 men gather to watch an inspirational teaching videos concerning issues facing men and Biblical teachings offers in wisdom, hope and encouragement. They are a diverse group ranging in age, Christian denominations and traditions. Meetings conclude with a time of prayer and then off to enjoy breakfast together at a local restaurant. The group is open to any man seeking camaraderie, encouragement and spiritual refreshment.

Mission Committee

St. Thomas’ has had a remarkable history of supporting missions abroad and at home with our target being 10% of our annual income. Funds are disbursed to individual missionaries as well as local and global missions. The Executive has taken on the allocation of funds with council from retired members of the missions committee.  

Mother’s Union (MU)

It is part of a worldwide organization whose common goal is “Christ in all you do”. Women of all ages who get together the first Tuesday of each month from September-June. The meetings may consist of a guest speaker or work on a craft project to support a shelter, or mission which is all bond together with fellowship. Mothers’ Union supports Christian family life by encouraging the raising children in the faith and life of Christ. Aims include helping families whose lives have met with adversity. Raising funds through bake sales, brunches or dinners support our causes. Many friendships have formed starting with this group so please think about joining us on our journey.

Parish Advisory Board

The Parish Advisory Board is made up of a cross section of people from the parish who have varied skills and asset. As a group the board provides input, feedback and leadership for parish initiatives. The Parish Advisory Board meets once a monthly. All parishioners are welcome to attend.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

The mission of the Prayer Shawl Ministry is to bring the comfort and warmth of God's love to those who are suffering, and support and love to those who are experiencing a special joy in their lives.

It is a unique way of reaching out to the community in a very tactile way. A prayer shawl can be seen as a symbolic "hug" from God.


Our prayer shawls are a gift to you from St. Thomas’.  Shawls are made by congregation members who pray for recipients while knitting or crocheting. We pray that when you wrap this shawl around you may feel God’s Love.


Prayer for those receiving our Shawls
May you feel God's grace upon you as you are wrapped in this shawl...
May it warm, comfort, enfold and embrace you in God’s Love and Peace.
May you receive this shawl and be cradled in hope, kept in joy, graced with peace,
and wrapped in love.  


Prayer Group

This is a group of committed individuals who meet weekly for intercessory prayer. Prayers are included for our pastor/family, executive; all groups in the church, or congregation; deanery functions, missions; local, national and international concerns plus requests given to us.

Prayer Vine

The prayer vine is a group of dedicated individuals committed to intercessory prayer. Confidential prayer requests received are generally passed down the vine by one of the leaders but can be made by any member of the group. Requests come from both inside and outside the church. Because of the confidentiality of this ministry first names only or an alias can be used. Any requests remain active for two weeks unless asked to be active for longer periods. This is a vital ministry to our faith based parish.

Sunday Fellowship

St. Thomas’ has a small group of parishioners that help put on coffee after the 10:30 Main service. The Parish has a number of Lunches throughout the year that are put on by volunteers either as fundraisers or social gatherings.  Recently added is the “8:30 meets 10:30 at 9:30” Brunch hosted by the Mothers Union.

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