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September 18, 2016

In so-called ‘developed’ nations there is the common refrain about “Justice for All”.  It is a catch phrase that is dubious at best. In the Bible readings for today there is a clear and unambiguous picture of true “Justice for All”. In order to understand this we must examine two parts of this phrase. “Justice” and “for all”. 



Every court-based system has judge or magistrate, lawyers or counselors an accused/perpetrator and accuser/victim. The system is adjudicated or judged by laws. An accused in most systems is presumed innocent until proven guilty through evidence and eyewitnesses. The problem with this system is that lack of evidence or eyewitnesses equates to innocence. There is no 100 percent conviction rate for all perpetrators. 

With this in mind two injustices occur. The first injustice is that the accused, who should be incarcerated, is allowed to go free. The second injustice is that the victim has no further recourse to address the crime committed by the accused. 

What we notice in the Bible readings is an imploring for justice. The Jeremiah reading speaks of the injustices that have not yet been redressed. In the alternative reading from Amos there is a statement about the omnipresence of God. Whether or not others witness the crime we know that the Almighty has witnessed the transgressions. There is no escaping the just punishments that are meted out by the Almighty One. God will convict every perpetrator. The justice of God is infallible and inerrant. 

For All 
This leads us to the second part “For all”. Often times it appears as though the justice system gives an unfair advantage to the privileged, wealthy, famous people. So often the poor and marginalized have become victimized and can never find ways or means to redress their victimization. Here is a trustworthy saying: God weighs every deed and will never leave a crime and sin unpunished. Every perpetrator no matter what ethnicity, age or sex will have their day before the judgment seat. On the flip side any person regardless of ethnicity, age or sex who have been victimized will see their victimization redressed by the Almighty judge. 

What is the take away from this? The sayings “it is only a crime if I am caught” or “laws/rules were made to be broken” doesn’t wash with the Lord and Judge of our souls. Every person is accountable for their actions whether or not they spend time in a prison or not. In other words, God will not hold guiltless those who are guilty. God will also defend the rights of those who have been victimized. There is, after all, justice for all.

Let us pray:

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